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something about us
May 1, 2010, 3:24 am
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the video is appropriate in a weird way

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woah…ok, fine, I’ll write something
April 20, 2009, 3:41 am
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after several people prodding me for an update in many forms (god, I love the wide variety of communication media) I feel kind of compelled to write up an update on life. So…here it goes?

Let’s see, where did I leave off…oh…right. I’m gonna go ahead and say whatever even though I don’t really mean it.

Life in bullet points since then:

  • I turned 21 at a R7 party. People sat me down and didn’t let me drink until it was my birthday (the party started on the evening of the 21st >_>;;). It was nice, Bacardi 151 burns a bit as it goes down but people occupied me with drinks for the rest of the evening. The morning after that I had brunch with Cass at Pamela’s, very much enjoyed that.
  • The day after, I found out that the Server Experience Engineering team I had been interviewing with at Apple said that my “background does not meet the requirements for the position at this time”. Suffice to say, I took it kind of hard. I was really excited that they had even decided to interview me. That week…that wasn’t a good week.
  • 3 days after, after a shitty day, I come home to some horrible news. A friend of mine…*sigh* Y’know, every time it comes to mind I think about it too much. I just saw a video of him explaining Leeroy Jenkins to his mother…man… ;_;
  • I managed to keep dropping the ball that week but somehow pulled myself together enough to run a puzzlehunt.
  • I had originally thought of making an individual puzzlehunt post but I doubt I’ll ever get around to that. Many many props to all of the puzzlehunt staff, the players and everyone else involved. The evening before I managed to put together the pieces of the website. For a site that happened in the wee hours before the hunt, it’s not that shabby and my biggest goal, it’s not white and ugly. The original css used a much better font but it was discarded in favor of a non-monospace font (don’t ask me why, I still don’t get it).
  • The week after that was…I taught lecture I guess. I’ve been teaching lecture for 123 off and on, I don’t know yet how Tim manages to pad the lectures to an hour and a half but I’m working on it.
  • I get an email from the first “team” at Apple to contact me, they wanted to hire me! o_O awut? but yeah, don’t know how that happened but I’m developing [REDACTED] for the [REDACTED] over the summer at Cupertino. Yeah, people tell me I am going to love the Bay Area.
  • And after that…job stuff, Networks stuff, more Networks stuff…damn it it never ends, then getting sick during build week and not being able to help build booth. I took over a couple of Midway shifts which was probably not the best idea given that they were in the cold and rain and consequently made got me sicker.
  • Then Carnival week, where I managed to miss all classes on Tuesday and Wednesday and felt miserable until about Wednesday night. Diplo show at Diesel Lounge on Thursday night was pretty cool even though I was still sick and Diplo went on very late. Friday was less spectacular, I felt pretty miserable and wasn’t able to enjoy The New Pornographers concert. Maybe because I was hanging back alone on the little grass mound, I went to the cluster rave for a bit but felt subsequently worse and just went home. Saturday and Sunday were for relaxing, Saturday included seeing a lot of alumni and giving my roommate his first shot of 151. Good times.

Not sure what else to say. Life happens, things happen. Oh, here….lyrics I stupidly like.

heh, can’t stop laughing
December 15, 2007, 3:08 am
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jciscon: i think i just got called by hookers
me: awesome
jciscon: lol, nigerian ones to boot!
jciscon: at least…
jciscon: thats what they said

win…so much win

also, remember that dancing bear gif?

on a random search through the youtubes I found this:

watch for it at 1:42

this channel has been compromised
November 14, 2007, 1:27 pm
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abort mission, abort mission