Sitting at my Ono Sendai

Why this is here and who the hell I am

My brain goes unused most of the time (or so I’m told, I’m beginning to believe this). The rest of the time I make a poor attempt at writing. Writing what you ask? Oh….just about anything…poetry mostly, my mind can’t think for too long through my fingers, not regularly. So… I needed somewhere to write, ta-da! Blog >_<

Also, some things to explain. Yes, I exist (if only just barely), no I’m not a bot. I am a thinking, feeling, friendly individual. I am also a Sophomore Computer Science major at Carnegie Mellon University, that’s where my level of education is. I don’t draw, I can’t sing well and I can hardly write. I am more than several types of geek.
I use a Macbook Pro. I love my Mac because I hack my Mac the same way I’ve hacked most operating systems I’ve used. Interface hacks mostly, making system bearable. I can no longer feel comfortable using Windows for anything other than games, I’d rather run OS X or Ubuntu (Beryl is teh sex!!!1).

I’m tall, like…2.05 m tall. (convert that if you want, I won’t…the metric system rules)

I’m Peruvian-American and fully bilingual (Spanish-English)

I have no religious affiliation nor am I interested in acquiring one. Should I ever need to claim I have a religion I will always claim Pastafarianism. Don’t try to convert me, nothing pisses me off more than people who try to convert other people. Choose what you believe in, better yet….choose a good idea (if you’ve seen Dogma, you’ll get it).

People ask me what the whole DeMarko thing is about. It’s just a tag. I started using it back in the golden days of Starcraft. Since then I’ve used it on everything from forums to Counter Strike. Nothing more to it really. It’s not mine but I’ve gotten used to using it.

Done stalking me yet? Good. Go back to your regularly scheduled thoughtcast

Edit_0: Geek Code removed because WordPress thinks 3 dashes are a long dash, even when inside CODE tags


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