Sitting at my Ono Sendai

the future (im)perfect

there are a lot of things about my future right now which make me smile.

I spent part of this week finding a place in Brooklyn (I found one, it’s cool, you’ll come over for drinks soon, yes, all of you…INTERNET. maybe Bill Murray will be there). I went to Eatsy at Etsy and met more of the totally cool people who work there, I even have plans to fill some of our windows with pixelart!

Riding the subway several times this week just made me super giddy. There’s something extremely magical to me about the fact that you can be most places in the city in very little time. That might seem super strange or lame to some people but I just can’t shake that feeling and most days I get on to that subway car smiling. Maybe it has to do with my recent fascination with public transportation (one of the big reasons I want to visit both Portland and Chicago), maybe it’s me just relishing the sheer urbanosity of the place (screw it, I’m making up words now).

I’m worried about one big thing about moving to New York: geekiness. I’ve enjoyed the comforting awesome that is the KGB but I’m wondering where I’ll get my geeky fix in New York. I really want to run a Spirit of the Century group too. Whatever, for now I’m just going to roll with it and figure it out as I go along.

oh! I learned a cool phrase in Hebrew!

baruch ti’hiyeh, which, as far as I know means “May it be a blessing”. I like it, I’m also of the opinion that blessings are independent of whatever religion they are associated to. It’s hard to probe me for thoughts about religion, that’s usually intentional. I had to clarify to someone who engaged me about Jesus on the subway to the airport that I was happy that they had found their way but that I had gone down that path and seen it wasn’t mine. The person was perplexed, like I had given them the most polite insult possible, they said “well, someone be with you” I said “thanks” and then they got off the train. I don’t know how I got to thinking about this from the Hebrew phrase I learned. Maybe it’s just late.

Soon: I will be in Peru enjoying the company of my parents and laughing with my friends.

Oh, this is my summer jam


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damnit, why are you going to be all the way across the country. I want to play more spirit of the century :(

Comment by labbott

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