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an as-of-yet untitled dialogue
March 16, 2010, 3:16 am
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note: two scenes, 4 different yet pairwise similar people. originally an idea for a short film, never got the chance.

[two people walking across a tension grid checking light fixtures and placements in semidarkness, faces lit by the reflection of the lights on the elaborate stage below]

Richard III? RICHARD III?! I hate Richard III! You think the Bard would have stopped at two Richards, but nooo, he had to make a third.

I would correct your horrible misunderstanding, but it’s funnier to see you try. What do you have against Richard III anyway? Some horrible memory of the past?

No, nothing, it’s boring, is what I have against it! What’s the point of the art if no one wants to see it?!

It’s a classic, art for the sake of art.

That’s bullshit, and you know it. Do you realize that most of our patrons are octogenarian couples who have seen this about as many times as the wars they’ve seen?

First of all, that’s kind of harsh. Second…so what? That’s theater for you.

I mean, wouldn’t you once want to make something that your peers could sit, laugh, cry, sigh, gasp, smile and cower at?

What do you mean “our peers”? Our peers are allegedly working on the same thing we are. Unless some of them were told to go home early. Lucky bastards.

No, not like that. I mean people our age, people from the dorms, from the classes outside of this place. Y’know, our generational peers. I want to connect us all.

It’s not going to work, believe you me. Who would you get to write this masterpiece, this definition of a generation? You’re no Billy Idol, and our generation is nowhere as clear cut as Coupland’s X. You’re running out of time, we’re a year and a half away from graduating.

I know, and I…I don’t know…yet. I’m figuring that out. Can you come check out this leko? I don’t think it’s pointing in the right direction.

[fade to black]

[between rows of computers, a red digital clock reads 5:23 am on the wall, a couple of heads can be seen slightly above the computer monitors, no one walks by the door]

You’re not going to get it to compile by staring at it…

I call shenanigans on this assignment, and every other assignment we’ve done in our college career.

Bit late for that, isn’t it? Why now? Why our compiler? Emphasis on the ‘our’ part.

Because we’ve done nothing useful. That’s why. I mean, we’ll finish this, as we have all those other things, but it doesn’t feel useful.

I’m sure our professors carefully thought through the didactic purposes of each line of code. Except this one, which isn’t working. Oh…that might be why.

Nono, it’s not that. I’ve felt like I’ve learnt a great many things but I haven’t done anything.

define: “done anything”

I’ve yet to make something that someone will actually use.

That’s what our precious little free time is for, remember? I wrote a script to clean up garbage files on the server last week, it’s in my public directory if you want to lo-

No! Not like that, that’s something one of us will use. I want to make something for everyone, and not just because they’ll use it, I want them to take away an experience from their interaction.

Software on it’s own doesn’t do that. You’d have to have something very, very good.

I can’t do it alone, I made up my mind a while ago. I don’t need a programmer, a theorist, or a mathematician. I need a human hacker.

Most hackers are human…do you know something I don’t?

I meant, I need someone to hack humans, to figure out what they want so we can work to give it to them.

An advertiser’s wet dream?

I don’t want to sell them anything though. I just want them to want to be a part of it, to share an experience.

Oh, I think I squashed our bug, see?

Are you even paying attention anymore?


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