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the little things
November 26, 2009, 3:34 am
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from chrisamaphone’s LJ, but I just wondered what the little things were that kept you going lately.

I wrote down a (partial) list…feel free to write yours too.

  • the amazing array of things that make me feel pride for my home country
  • catching a reference that felt designed just for me
  • hugs (giving and receiving)
  • that eureka moment when you solve a problem in twelf
  • a light mist as if the world were gently weeping, it’s ok, world, it gets better :)
  • fine cheese, fine wine, cute girls
  • being able to hit that stride on the same beat as the music in my ears as I leave for the day
  • solving a puzzle, solving many puzzles, discovering puzzles
  • a few TV shows (if only because they find ways to make me smile)
  • music I haven’t heard that makes my want to bob my head
  • running into an old friend and catching up
  • reading unconventional comics
  • the rising feeling you can get from a soulful choral arrangement
  • seeing people mess up some place I’ve messed up before, proud I’ve learned from my mistakes
  • knowing that out there…somewhere…we are all loved

care to share? :)


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You are amazing but i can not see keys cuz some tears dropped as i read! M

Comment by MBH

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