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holy shit man, life is awesome, embrace that shit
November 5, 2009, 3:42 am
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from a conversation earlier, archived for posterity, and because I think me being able to say this has been helpful not just to him, but to me as well.

02:19 < DeMarko> lroop: I mean, I was long convinced you were a robot programmed to demean yourself because you were made in a small town somewhere
02:20  * DeMarko would like to say your identity isn’t just where you’re from, but thinks that is defeatingly cliché?
02:20 < lroop> DeMarko: I’m working on it. I’m *trying* to be less dissatisfied with myself, it’s just being kind of a slow process.  I’m open to suggestions if you have any thoughts on what would make me more happy with who I am
02:21 < DeMarko> lroop: my only suggestion is stop being hung up on that. it’s funny that I’m saying this, having been hung up on many different things
02:21 < DeMarko> it’s not a flaw of you, it’s a challenge you overcame
02:22 < DeMarko> you were from a small town, you overcame that adversity, you’re at a top school now
02:22 < DeMarko> think of it like that
02:22 < DeMarko> I’m from FREAKING PERU
02:22 < lroop> valid point. I’m certain getting into CMU from Peru is much harder than getting in from VA
02:22 < DeMarko> does that kind of make sense? you like, rocked that challenge
02:23 < DeMarko> have you played D&D? I have a D&D term I want to use, but not sure it’s appropriate
02:23 < lroop> yes. I’ve made something of myself. first person from my high school to apply here.
02:23 < DeMarko> exactly!
02:23 < lroop> DeMarko: No, I’ve never played D&D. Always kinda wanted to, was never able to find a group of people who seemed receptive to a n00b
02:23 < DeMarko> that’s a step, that’s how you think of it
02:23 < DeMarko> oh well
02:24 < Elly> lroop: I don’t think you could point to a single one of us that sees the world “like a normal human”
02:24 < DeMarko> let’s say, I think your background is best used as bardic knowledge
02:24 < DeMarko> like…obscure knowledge, that has been granted to you from your upbringing and adventures
02:24 < DeMarko> and you should use it to your advantage, not let it become this hinderance
02:25 < lroop> DeMarko: haha probably… very good point. I should use my past more as a reference, and less as who I am now.
02:25 < lroop> and I”m definitely not the person I was when I came here 2 years ago anyhow
02:25 < DeMarko> lroop: exactly!
02:25 < DeMarko> and you can keep changing
02:26 < DeMarko> maybe you were never allowed to be the person you wanted to be back home, like, it’s a possibility
02:26 < DeMarko> I was certainly never availed of the many geeky opportunities I have been given at CMU
02:27 < DeMarko> getting drunk and learning lambda calculus? talking about high energy physics and theater in the same conversation?
02:27 < DeMarko> holy shit man, life is awesome, embrace that
02:28 < mrwright> DeMarko++ for the last few minutes
02:28 < bblum> :)
02:28 < DeMarko> I mean, idunno, it makes sense, right? I’ve been thinking about it for a while
02:28 < DeMarko> and I didn’t mean to pick on you specifically lroop
02:29 < lroop> hehe yeah… or having people actually be impressed with the fact that I can disassemble and repair a laser printer. or meeting a girl who thinks designing a computer processor sounds like fun
02:29 < DeMarko> but I felt the advice might be applicable to you
02:29 < lroop> DeMarko; I don’t take offense. I’m well aware that I’m not always the most pleasant person in the world, and that I tend to be too harsh on myself.
02:31 < DeMarko> lroop: :)
02:31  * DeMarko hugs lroop
02:31 < DeMarko> you’re gonna turn out alright, you gotta work on it, but you’ll be alright


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