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what is this? how did I even-?
October 9, 2009, 2:43 am
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note: I found this in the draft archive, according to the timestamp, I wrote it on the last day of summer break. Either way, the characters had no names, because I think I gave them names, hated them and just left them nameless. I suck at writing, but I try anyway?

[part of a head is seen poking into the door frame. the corner of a pair of red glasses shows for a moment before hearing a quick gasp and scamper back into the hallway]

No wait! Cute girl! Don’t run! [our hero gets up and tries to run down the hall after her, crashing into the wall opposite the door he finds an empty, long hallway] …what…the?

[friend strolls casually out to meet our hero-in-disbelief]

…-all I’m saying is that the merit of pursuing pure collectivism in society is unfortunately unachievable with the individual selfishness we’ve promoted over the years of building a capitalist culture. Wait…what are you doing on the wall?

You didn’t see her?!

See who?

The cutest girl in our linalg class! She popped her head into the cluster door and then ran off spooked. Maybe she wanted something.

[gestures in front of himself trying to connect some thoughts] So…what you’re saying is, a girl you’ve never talked to, in a class you hate, ran down this hall…when she noticed you noticed her and you think she wants something from you?

I didn’t…I didn’t say it made sense. But maybe she’s just really shy and I scared her! [terrified] ohgodIhopeIdidn’tscareher!

I don’t get you. We’ve been friends since the third grade, and I still don’t get you. She’s just some silly girl, it’s like you’re some loser in some pathetic story or something! Get over it, we need to get to our next class.

I wonder what she wante-

[friend yanks our less-than hero by the collar]


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