Sitting at my Ono Sendai

the internet has a way of finding me…
September 3, 2009, 1:35 am
Filed under: thoughts

seriously…today? several things were like “duh” and I was like “no way” and tried to ignore the first couple and then they were like “no, duh” again.

tomorrow though? flying out to PAX with Cass and Sekhar. it’s going to be amazing. I pray (one of the few times I do) that the gods of travel smile on us.

sometimes though, I wish the internet wasn’t so good at pinpointing those tiny little things at all the wrong times.

an addendum of sorts: it occurred to me recently, while helping a friend through a particularly tragic breakup, that I only have so much positive energy I can expend per day/week/month/year and all too often I use it all up on other people. I’m not sure how I recharge, sometimes it’s simple recognition, sometimes it’s those tiny things that make me smile. If you’ve been one to make me smile in the past I’d like to say thanks, I appreciate it, I hope I could help you too


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