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I can only cross my fingers now
March 3, 2009, 4:30 am
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I made a thing? I’m really really nervous. Dream internship and whatnot. I may have already screwed it up because I fail at things, but here’s hoping it will go well.

there’s a clever reference in the name. I hope my interviewer gets it. Guys, I really want to work for Apple, that would kick so much ass.

I have an algo midterm later today, Not sure how that will go, courses that end in 51 usually are not my strong suit (heh, pun).

I’ll be here for spring break. a certain someone won’t, and it’s probably for the best even though it was so hard to say.

I like this series, I haven’t seen the New Orleans one yet, I’m sure Dom will enjoy that.

I’m not sure what my answer to the question is. When I’m feeling happier or drunker, I’ll be sure to let you know.

In unrelated news, I have alluvasudden become the tech person for this year’s puzzle hunt. I registered my first domain today! News forthcoming on that.

ok…time to review some algo and hyperventilate about job code. *breathes into eco-friendly paper bag*


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