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who wants to make a fan video?
January 2, 2009, 5:15 am
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I’ve got this itch to make a fan video. I’ve also got the motivation of: there are just some awesome songs that don’t have music videos. So…you know…there’s that.

I’m not sure when I’ll have the time to make this, for the mean time, anyone got an awesome song that desperately needs a fan video? I was going to suggest doing a silly coder story with Coulton’s “Code Monkey”, but it’s already been done.

Some restrictions I suppose apply: it would have to be a super awesome song for me to consider a techno/house song. I will also hesitantly consider songs that already have music videos.

Suggestions (updated as you post them and as I see them):

  • Time Stands Still by Cut Copy (the current fan video kinda sucks, I’m sure we could do better)
  • Bridge to Canada by The Noisettes
  • <your suggestions here>

oh, this doesn’t work if people don’t comment :/


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Hm… I don’t know of any particular songs especially needing music videos, but how about choosing a song from an era before there were music videos, and then making a video in the style of that era?

Comment by Greg

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