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an odd form of happiness
December 27, 2008, 5:02 am
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<begin stream of consciousness block>

being mentioned makes me happy, being a significant part of this enormous collection of cogs we call the social internet boosts my self-confidence in weird ways. (I really should put together all the data, something to do when I’m bored)

I cannot express the amount of irrational excitement I feel for this upcoming album. I bought this single off of iTunes because I couldn’t find it elsewhere. I continue to feel dirty about paying for music. Incidentally, I just found out this exists…useful!

You’re a German time traveller.
But not like the regular kind.
You’re good.
Meals on wheels.
But after the accident they rebuild you.
As the biggest pop star the Holocaust has ever seen.
We’ll greenscreen the Holocaust
Explosion of flavors.
What’s false is you’re a baby.
My love for Jesus is unflappable.
Armadillo with tentacles and intercepts fish.
And then you realize you’re the last of the mummies.
With a heart of gold.

I checked the Dresden Codak website today, just ’cause (everyone knows he doesn’t update…ever), and I came across the video again. It’s also on the list of things I cannot wait to see. I mean come on, with writing like the above, HOW COULD YOU NOT SEE IT?!

Middleman middleman middleman middleman demand middledemand. That’s it! I have a middledemand! There should be more Middleman!

Ladies and gentlepeople, boys and girls, we’ve reached this fabulous era (I think) where, the truly excellent shows, get cancelled/postponed/delayed, and then are somehow resurrected by sheer will of their fanbases. It was unfortunate that we didn’t reach this era before, Firefly, Invader Zim and countless others could have been saved from a Network TV Doom, but now I get this feeling we can do more? I am so not sure where I was going with that.

I don’t necessarily agree with this list, I know some people *cough*hipsters*cough* follow it religiously. I’m glad Q-Tip’s track got some recognition, I thought it was rather good. Justice is of course on there. TV on the Radio isn’t a surprise but I wish more people had heard it. Pitchfork continues to pimp out it’s favorites clearly. I AM GODDAMN GLAD T.I. and Rihanna’s “Live Your Life” MADE IT ON THERE. *ahem* uh…next thought

Have I talked about this enough? HAVE I? How it has one of the best intro tracks to an album I’ve ever heard? How they make NOISE SCIENCE?! Man, my head is a weird place, even when happy. *taps desk like drums*


have I cluttered enough of your livergerbils page yet?

man, I love music, idunno if you got that yet.

I know you don’t click every link in these posts, I don’t know why, I click every link in your posts. Unless it’s jcreed’s posts, in which case I click the ones I can barely understand.

I’m sorry, did you say ZOMBIES?! Cause that’s what I heard…yup…zombies

Gak Ought To Yearn Out Under The Other Cannibal Lipstick Instead Carbs Kill The Hateful Ants That Once Nibbled Eucalyptus

Have you applied for a job at The Company yet? I fear I have not for I lack “Deity Experience”

Making an interwobs is hard…what with all the linking and the people and the pages and the…oy

<end stream of conciousness>

guys, wtf just happened, I started this 2 hours ago and blanked out. *goes back to watching Get Smart*


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