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December 24, 2008, 2:20 am
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On to less pressing matters, some music, da?

First of all, a classic:

how did I stumble across that again? ^_^; embarrassingly enough, I was trying to find songs with the words nananananananananananana

which incidentally I confused with lalalalalalalalalalalala

but then I got ca-ca-ca-cold and started fa-fa-fa-freezin’

Pa Pa Pa…cantemos al amor

I feel good right now, how are you guys feeling? good? good. I made a music post with a theme!

It continues to be suggested that I should do THINGSā„¢, like develop a Magic: the Gathering iPhone app (Wizards of the Coast, you’re on notice for not providing a decent API) or make a podcast. I put together a list of holiday music that tries not to suck? I’ll get around to things, for now, I’ve booked my flight to Boston for this. I’m way more than excited.

Either way, Merry Christmas Eve, Happy 3rd day of Hanukkah? I think that’s the right day this year.

Edit_0: it has also come to my attention that a certain person whose name ends in “amaphone” should post the lyrics of the Twelf Days of Christmas (Harpers harping? hellyeah) somewhere.


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