Sitting at my Ono Sendai

December 8, 2008, 3:31 am
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it was late one night (as most nights at CMU are) when I had just finished up my MapReduce homework for the evening when Jake, my former roommate, handed me his Xbox 360 controller and said “Play”. Me, blissfully unaware of videogames for the past month because I had been stuck in academic limbo, welcomed the moment to relax for a while.

A minute in, I was BLOWN AWAY.

After I crashed into the waves a few times he said, “look at the credits!” and sure enough, CMU students made this game! It’s procedurally generated (extra cool points!), has a pretty fitting soundtrack (chiptune? hells yeah!), has mathematical/EE flavor (you gotta stick to what you love), and is relatively simple to play but hard to master!

Honestly, I am more than impressed by sin(surfing), I cannot wait to see their next project. I applaud Greg, Raphael and Adam for a job incredibly well done. It’s way better than anything that’s been posted here at least.

On an unrelated note: I cannot wait for the full release of Play Auditorium. Check it out, it shows A LOT of promise. Also, music++


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