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November 16, 2008, 2:31 am
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tonight was intriguing for at least two reasons:

RJD2 is an excellent musician, and pursues his music for all possible interesting twists, turns and grooves that it can make, however, he is not one that the populous would dance to. I must give props to that guy who danced regardless, MORE POWER TO YOU MAN, personally, I wasn’t feeling up to dancing to RJD2 so I sat to a side and people-watched and enjoyed the most excellent tunes. RJD2 has an interesting technique (thank you CMU TV for the COPIOUS AMOUNTS of cameras), he would often turn around to his record box, shuffle through it, swing around laying a record into his turntable just in time to be able to reach and hit a couple more buttons that set off a new beat. I’ve seen a good number of DJs perform, but none had the split second timing he could muster. Also, no headphones to prev/sync any tracks, guy knows his stuff.

The Flosstradamus duo was impressive, VERY IMPRESSIVE. I should warn you, the reader, that I do have a giant soft spot for opening acts. I was really in the mood for dancing like a crazy fool, a crazy fool I tell you, and that’s what I had come expecting. Thankfully, Tarsis and Nara were there, Nara gave me a couple glowsticks and then I managed to get lost in the crowd with Tarsis. We met with Tarsis’s really cute redhead friend who’s name escapes me ENTIRELY, she took off her jacket and Tarsis threw her backpack on the floor so they could dance more freely. Flosstradamus managed to mix most of the aspects of mashups that I liked while making everything extremely danceable. I did that dancing thing, there was a couple just…STANDING next to us so I bumped into the guy enough times that they decided to move back and leave the space up front to people who were actually going to dance. Fuck them, they can go be a couple in the back of the room.

Flosstradamus played for a good hour and change, that was awesome but they didn’t switch off to a waiting RJD2, no, that would be too easy, right? :/ there was like a 20-30 minute delay between acts. RJD2 came on, and played the most danceable song off “Since We Last Spoke”, 1976 straight off the bat. Good start, but he didn’t keep up the danceability part. There are a couple tweets pertaining to that and the picture I took as I left the show (RJD2 was playing the encore).


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