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I voted
November 5, 2008, 4:36 am
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My ballot was very mixed, definitely Obama at the top, but I tried to make an informed decision about the rest of the offices I was voting on.

Like everyone else my age, this was my first election. It very nearly could have been my second, but I turned 18 in Peru a week too late to vote there. I am [insert word denoting more than excitement] that Obama has won the office, I look forward to the years to come.

I’ll be honest, seeing so much excitement for the win was pretty awesome, I walked out barefoot just to join the mob for a bit. Matt Sandler (who is cooler than cool) said he had already started looting a couple weeks ago (but no really, there wasn’t any looting). I don’t see how anyone ever could have avoided the excitement of the past month.

Anyway, I need to sleep, we have an awesome new person in the White House, unfortunately, it looks like proposition 8 in California might be passed, which really pisses me off. Bittersweet sleep is better than none at all?

P.S. I also built a really fun Magic deck after I finished my Hadoop lab0 tonight. Hadoop is awesome, but should be done in a more sensible language set, like python or perl or SML


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