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It occurs to me now…
November 3, 2008, 4:45 am
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That I haven’t typed up a real post in a while. I’m not dead, I swear!

School has been kicking my ass. Continually, over and over again. Work kicked it first, school did it later. I mean, three exams, three days, homework in all the same classes I had exams in. NOT FUN. I’m still here though, I still uncannily love this place, however much suffering, distress and lack of sleep it may bring. I apologize if I didn’t seem very…about myself on Thursday last week, I had managed to sleep a total of 8 hours in the two days before that (3 and 5 or something like that).

What else? Hmm. Oh! There was a puzzle hunt! It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and I feel truly sorry for those of you who couldn’t make it or were no longer able to register. This hunt has been the largest ever, 18 teams, (~4 people per team) :O Everyone on the hunt staff should give themselves a pat on the back (yes, even my former nemesis who is no longer my nemesis cause he does not deserve to be). Players ask the craziest things! I could ramble at length about the hunt, but I’ll keep it to: OMFGAMAZING.

Music? Unfortunately, as these things go, music has been awfully lacking. Eh, it happens, especially when things get really hectic as they have been for the past few weeks. I’m sure none of you will miss it as you already pay such avid attention to the other things I tried to get you to listen. It was kind of embarrassing, a girl asked me today what was the latest song in my head (hers was “Navy Nurse” by The Fiery Furnaces, which is relatively old and I have other thoughts about that but nvm them) and I couldn’t rightly tell her. Eh, so it goes.

Job prospects? lololol see above where I said I was busy. I really should get on that.

Classes for next semester? Combi, Networks (:D) and OHGODALGO and something else. How do I prove things? You’d think I’d have a grip on that by now. Science of the Web has kind of allowed me to do this weird thing with proofs where I can half-formalize arguments about social networks and game theory. I am still not good with logic ._.; I regret dropping constructive logic but that class would have killed me on top of my others.

Increasingly, I’ve been considering not running for anything in KGB this semester. Despite people saying I should try again this year and etc. There are really two reasons: a) I’m not going to lie to myself, I’m still ever so bitter. b) A combination of being busy/feeling distant.

My current plan is taking OS in the fall and hopefully finish things for my minor then as well, maybe distributed systems in the spring of my senior year, but it’s not required and I could always need to retake OS. I’m really scared by the real world right now because everytime I turn around I realize: “Shit, I’m 20, I’m a Junior…how the fuck did that happen?!”. It’s completely terrifying.

I hope my sister is OK, she made her NYU deadline (despite EVERYTHING) and I’m so proud of her. I really miss her and my mom and my dad and my cats. Christmas break can’t come soon enough it seems.

Last thing, please remember to vote. pleasepleasepleaseplease remember. My polling place is a 5 minute walk away from me, you should find yours and cast your vote.

Until some other time, hopefully then I’ll have something more interesting to share. In case you haven’t seen Dom’s post yet, go see it now!


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yes, even my former nemesis who is no longer my nemesis cause he does not deserve to be

Uh oh… you had a nemesis among hunt staff? I, uh, hope it wasn’t me due to the fact that I didn’t show up for about four weeks running. If it was, I’m really sorry :-(

Comment by Greg

still working on making the nyu online app deadline though… that’s tonight!
porfolio arrived there this morning though. gah gah. going back to trying to furiously typeeeeee

Comment by chaaazzz

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