Sitting at my Ono Sendai

so many reasons that mattsandler is awesome
October 28, 2008, 12:51 pm
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at first:

(12:25:48) mattsandler: Hey guess what
(12:25:51) mattsandler: i have good luck now!
(12:25:56) me: huh?
(12:25:59) mattsandler: i got a necklace with a rabbis foot on it
(12:26:07) mattsandler: i got the rabbis foot myself
(12:26:10) me: uh…..
(12:26:20) mattsandler: he was not pleased
(12:26:31) mattsandler: but i heard it was like super good luck
(12:26:36) me: it’s a rabbit’s foot sandler…
(12:26:43) mattsandler: no its not
(12:26:47) mattsandler: what are you talking about

then I get disconnected and decide to apply some updates, when I reboot, this is waiting:

(12:28:58) mattsandler: cus the judge is like You are not NOT innocent
(12:32:01) mattsandler: thats how it works right?
(12:32:06) mattsandler: i have to commit this crime again
(12:32:23) mattsandler: before i was pretty sure the good luck would just keep me from getting arrested


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