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How do I finish all of this? How is it supposed to work?
October 11, 2008, 4:01 am
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I have an essay I need to write, I’ve been thinking about it all day but been unable to type a word of it. I have this problem a lot.

I was giving Dom a while to post this video, but he hasn’t and I seem to have taken a greater interest in it? >_>

it’s a concept album? in the same vein of Ziggy Stardust or The Cool? with the added awesome of Janelle Monáe (not that Bowie isn’t awesome, but I’ve got to admit I’ve never been much of a Bowie listener)?

R&B, country music and gangsta rap have always been lumped together for me because of their tendency to whine/anger/wail about the same thing over and over again. I’ve dismissed the genres almost entirely sometimes just because I feel they all take themselves too seriously.

You know who doesn’t take himself seriously? at all? at all, at all?
Simon Rex AKA Dirt Nasty… he knows he’s a fuckup. Come on, he went from porn to MTV to Scary Movie 3 to ridiculous rap.

example A:

so…there’s that. I highly recommend you listen to the Monáe album if you can, it’s on iTunes, it’s the first album I bought on iTunes. I feel dirty. Don’t listen to the Dirt Nasty album though, it’s not worth it at all.

Could I talk to you about more music you don’t care about? That’s the feeling I get a lot of times when I make posts like these, like no one pays attention :/ *insert BAWWWW.jpg here*. I’m gonna continue to ramble, for example, do you remember DJ Shadow? No? You may remember him for this if you were an electronic-music-obsessed teenager on a P2P network. Personally, I like to remember DJ Shadow for this track he did with Q-Tip and Lateef the Truth Speaker. Hip hop over soft rock samples? Color me interested. Anyway, in case you were wondering, the first DJ Shadow link is the fan music video for this post.

I like sharing music, I wish people would share back. That was a unique experience from high school I think, handing someone a CD with tracks that he would play at the next party he DJ’d, next club he played. I’ve always wanted to throw a party that pulled you through all the music I’ve loved over the years, no one would come I’m sure, but it would be awesome. In fact, I’d probably show some form of video of all those tracks.

Preaching to the wrong choir? Increasingly I wonder how I managed to fit myself out of where I should be. Here’s a challenge then: in a comment, as concisely and concretely as possible, try to describe me? (as much as some of you might be tempted to, don’t just say something like “You’re awesome :3”, also mom, you don’t get to play this one :P)


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