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Entirely generic
October 3, 2008, 10:15 pm
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Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like I meet someone who is nothing but generic. Likes the same movies everyone else does, listens to the same pop music rehash bullshit that makes the radio without censoring, likes “drinking, watching movies, hanging with my peeps, lol”.

It makes me cringe inside.

When I think about it, I try to be objective: “maybe that’s only how they let the world see them”, but why? Acceptance? Even people who quote the “Here’s to the misfits” thing, I don’t see how they get by quoting that when they’re almost entirely the opposite.

Idunno, I guess I’m appreciative of all the rather original people I’ve met in my life, even those that fit certain stereotypes, they’re original in their own way. Rock on, people, you make the world a better place for me, someone who oft feels out of place, to live in.

btw, who the fuck says “lol” at the end of EVERY IM they send? posers…that’s who…posers who shouldn’t be allowed on the internet .

these office hours better end soon.


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i dunno lol

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