Sitting at my Ono Sendai

“you’re a CS major?! Why are you taking a Spanish class?”
October 2, 2008, 4:04 am
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The girls asked me that as I walked into class. I guess because I love learning things I don’t know about cultures, like the Sephardic Jews.
Ladino btw, is a fascinating language, I kinda wanna go out and find someone who speaks it. I find myself wondering a lot now whether one of my ancestors was a cryptojew.
For that matter, why does Latin American Catholicism have to be the most boring thing ever? I guess I’m really biased but as I’ve said before, if my church had been a gospel church, I may have stayed a believer.

But yeah, class goes well, looks like we will be studying the Ashquenazi culture soon, looking forward to picking up some proper Yiddish when that happens.

Ask three times, it doesn’t hurt.


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