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thunk thunk thunk
October 1, 2008, 1:34 am
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wah wah wah wah wah

Montreal hip hop DJ you probably didn’t know about? Given the musical sensibilities of the scant readership of this blog, I doubt this will pique your interest as much as it does mine. But I’m here to share music, I wish people would share back but I only really know two people who do that (you know who you are).

So, maybe you’ll like this? I’m not sure if I posted it over the summer. Maybe I tweeted about it? maybe I didn’t. Anyway, this song seems to have finally become more popular, as with a lot of things, I heard the album when it leaked (INTERNETSPEED).

fan video, made by kids at the Tisch summer program at NYU, friends of my sister, who still rocks and I miss her so.

if you liked d) none of the above, then there’s no pleasing you and you make me sad. Maybe you would enjoy a Brazilian fan video instead? I hear they’re pretty nifty. But again, there’s no pleasing you, is there?


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