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September 26, 2008, 1:41 am
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I’m done for the week! It feels so good! Tralalala! Our game doesn’t crash and suck! I don’t think I failed my tests! Work didn’t kill me!

If I didn’t have friends, I wouldn’t be here (¬F => ¬H)? prove as you like but I’m gonna go ahead and spoil it for you: it’s true.

I went to the Apple Recruiting Event, and by went I mean I showed up an hour late because someone sent out the wrong info and that’s what I had used to update my calendar. *shakes fist* but it’s a start? and now I have a resume I can give to companies so I can get me one of those sweet soul-selling corporate internships for the summer.

I had more random things to say but I might just call it a night.

P.S. In one of the many ways that goob is an awesome person I shall depict the following scenario:

[me, in the tiny cluster, doing my 440 homework that was due an hour from then]: GOD DAMMIT HOARES! DOES ANYONE KNOW ABOUT HOARES?!
*walks off to 5207*
[someone, I don’t remember who]: you mean, how to talk to whores or how to approach them?
*stomp back to tiny cluster, kick jokeserver*
[paul, really quietly and calmly in only that way that he can muster]: How does the air get in green peppers?
*paul starts walking away, I think about it for a moment*
[me, yelling after paul]: curse you paul! Once I’ve thought it, now I can’t unthink it!

cut to a day later, when I’m on the benches outside of Newell Simon talking with my friend Donald and catching up.
[paul, as he walks by]: they breathe

>_< thank you paul, for being so crypticly awesome. As I’ve expressed before, I can only hope to be one tenth as wise as you are. I don’t even know if you’re reading this :P


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In case you didn’t notice:

!F => !H <==> H => F

Comment by Chris

oh, I made sure the logic was right, believe me

Comment by DeMarko

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