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kick you down
September 15, 2008, 4:48 am
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sometimes you have bad weeks, other times you have awful weeks, and then there’s what I had last week: holy crap man…it was everywhere I went, bogged down, workdeath, workdeath, oh and then *cringe* *wince* *groan* *wince* *thud*.

so now, I’m going to make a list of things that made my ever-colder heart warm just a little bit over this past week(end):

  • nertz! it’s like crazy multiplayer solitaire, also, I suck at it, HARD, but that’s ok
  • helping, meeting, visiting people in Purnell, I honestly don’t see where the fucking rivalry is. As Cass pointed out in her caffeinated ramblings, a lot of the people in Purnell and a lot of the people in SCS have very similar mindsets, they just think about different things.
  • art is pretty sweet, I am still utterly fascinated by it, especially what you can do with some string and some tape. of course, I also completely suck at making art.
  • mattsandler is still in my set of “favoritest human beings ever”, HONK
  • KGB the Movie 6, it will be awesome, I have no idea what may or may not have ended up recorded, but I was an extra in a scene
  • hamentashen, meeting cool drama majors (this usually means the ones that aren’t actors or directors), it really made my day
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy

and now, for that other list (the one that makes me want to not get out of bed):

  • not being listened to
  • making pop culture references that nobody else gets
  • flaky partners
  • fraternity idiots
  • not being listened to
  • serious business puzzlehunts my :/ has now turned into D:
  • awkward introductions
  • having students coming in not understanding something rather elementary because the professor is trying to teach the class in a completely different way and screwing it up royally. I really wish I could teach the class, but where would I find the time?
  • printf statements used for debugging C code
  • quiet recitations
  • underspecified assignments
  • being ignored
  • missing out on the Facebook Hackathon, I actually had an idea too!
  • being to damn tall, hiting my head on things
  • people who reply to an email thread but decide to change the subject, and talk about something completely unrelated just because they’re too lazy to remember your address and prefer to hit Reply on an old email instead
  • Asian/foreign people who pretend to not know English and then I see them speaking it perfectly 5 minutes later
  • suits and business clothes (fuck them, I say. All I need are my business socks)
  • getting kicked down one more time as a fine end/beginning to a horrible week

whatever, compare the lengths of both lists, that’s how I feel right now. Call me when we get to the fun part…ohshi-

TOC is on Thursday, look out for me, I’ll be the one wearing what I would probably wear to work at ANY of those companies (cargo pants and a T-shirt).

Me encantan las canciones de amor y aquellas que piden un mundo mejor
Vivo con el miedo al dedo que alguna vez apretará el botón
Creo en la libertad y en mi corazón, hay un sitio esperandopor una flor

*sigh* I hope everyone else has a good week


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