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two rediscovered gems
August 19, 2008, 4:18 am
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I won’t say much, I was looking through the remains of my once great music collection today and I found these two tracks buried in there.

The first time I heard Amo Bishop Roden was a complete accident. I had downloaded the wrong chillout album and I decided to let it play while I did some homework late at night during my IB years. A habit I acquired from these late night study sessions (which often lasted til dawn) was listening to music on my headphones (they weren’t as awesome as they are now). The particular outstanding feature of this track was it’s ability to complete confuse my ears when heard through dual channel stereo headphones. The intro would float ever so gently from one ear to the other and it would carry this throughout the entire song. It’s an incredibly calming track, and I’m glad I found it once again.

Tiro de Gracia is a Chilean Hip-hop group, specifically, they were my awkward introduction to hip-hop and rap. None of that gangster rap bullshit that’s plagued the art. I’m sure if you understood the lyrics, you would appreciate what they’re trying to say. What happened to simple hip-hop? There used to be an actual art of social protest and personal creativity (sometimes even entertwined!) Where did it go to die? I think the answer is probably: third world countries. We’ll see what comes of that.


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