Sitting at my Ono Sendai

good ol’ number 257…yea…
August 4, 2008, 1:42 am
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more collections of random thoughts available to the public. someone said they liked when I did this o_O

I’m a sucker for documentaries, I’m a sucker for music culture. Put them together, oh man, must watch

it’s a difficult dance, and I’m not a very good dancer

shake it, shake it, sexy robot. musicians who are made more awesome by their fans are the good kind of musicians.

note to future self: teach children the importance of listening. wait…teach adults the importance of listening. wait…it doesn’t matter, they won’t listen anyway

there is a lot to be said for common courtesy, which annoys me about feminazis sometimes? no, I don’t just hold the door open for you, I do it for everyone else I see too. people who take everything as a personal offense will not enjoy even the smallest slices of life, they’ll only bitch about the seeds.

if I had a some sort of superpower it would probably be social telepathy. that way I’d be able to tell you some really cool idea I got as I was thinking about it.

Ahahaha I’m social furniture. Think about it, how many times have you been on your way to somewhere and been like “Oh boy! I get to sit on their couch!” Yea, I’m like that couch. Ok, so… it’s not a perfect metaphor

“tell your friend that I think she’s cute” [moments later] “she laughed? great…was it at me or at me?”

oh god, I’m going to be a junior. there’s ~2 years until I have to be a real person >_< oh shit what am I gonna do? grad school? I can’t do that D: do I need a suit? do real persons require a suit? I don’t think I can find a suit

setting new school year goal: try to go to as many music events as I can fit in time for, starting with Ratatat

thinking about moving this thoughtspace elsewhere, thinking about actually paying for something on the internet

that is all for now:
This is Planet Earth, Agent White
Do you read me, over?
Today I kept the peace on this planet, over?
This planet’s very peaceful, over and out


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