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July 25, 2008, 12:27 am
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I’m going to make a music post, despite my better judgement. I’m still toying with this 30 minute music show idea. Not sure how or even if it’ll work out, I would say ‘stay tuned’ but it doesn’t matter.

At some point, we combined thrash punk(?), noise and 8-bit sounds. I’m quite alright with this, mostly because I’m never really against anything. If you’ve ever listened to anything in the 8-bit music community you’ll know sometimes noise is unavoidable, listen to it for a bit and form is discerned within the static. It’s like those 3-D art things but for your ears. Anyway, I’m talking about Crystal Castles, who’ve had some rather substantial evidence placed against them for copyright infringement.

Either way, I like them I thought I’d share them. If you feel like listening to more rockin’ 8-bit music in a more traditional 8-bit style, look at 8bc. Way awesome people who post these things for free. At some point I should talk about chiptunes as an artform and how it’s a combination of hardware hacking and musical pioneering and salvage. I don’t feel like it right now, but I’ll tell you: it’s pretty damn cool.

Yea, then there’s The Go! Team (thanks Dom!), who I had heard about once on Cartoon Network of all places (what? how did that happen?). Either way, they’re pretty cool and from Brighton and manage to tickle my eclectic music bone. One of their members is just called Ninja, that’s all I need to say

notice the delicious pixel background. NOTICE IT! IT IS DELISHUS!


No but seriously they’re also pretty cool, different cool. They have a track called ‘Attack of the 60 ft Lesbian Octopus’ and also Japanese Power Rangers. Take your pick for reasons to like them or not. The following is the first single I heard by them.

Electro-rock is right down my alley. Where my alley has several British hobos with guitars and runs behind a series of clubs. Apparently they’re opening for NIN on their American tour. So, they’ve got that going for them.

Do I have anything else to tell you about? Hmm…I feel I’m missing something big. Maybe some Kids. But I can’t place my finger on it. It’s not like I’ve been listening to an album on repeat for a while, no, nothing like that. No, I wouldn’t miss something that big.

Yea, I don’t feel like rambling anymore. Enjoy (if that’s the kind of thing you do)


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