Sitting at my Ono Sendai

no, wait…what?
July 19, 2008, 3:03 am
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wishing I were at HOPE sometimes, a lot of times. I miss CMU, I miss the people, I miss our moon languages. I miss some a lot, it happens.

has anyone ever stared at you like you’re from another planet? it’s damn weird. I’ve also scared small children, which kind of upsets me.

rap in a language I don’t understand is weirdly intriguing. something about the way the phonemes connect. Swedish is particularly mysterious to me. I should also learn Danish, for completely separate, selfish reasons.

my sister got into the school she wanted, I’m excited for her. I’ll be pointing out to my high school’s administration how immensely horribly wrong they are/were, they better apologize.

next summer: California or bust (and no, bust does not entail boobs)? radical change in setting, the fortune cookie no one ever bothered to pass me. A Man Without A Country might not be just a book.

Crossroads suck, long live crossroads.

explanations are out of order. calls to question are out of order unless done appropriately. premature motions to purple (when they mean breaking up the meeting) are incredibly out of order.

2 girls walk in and out of a bar…

I feel I’ve lost part of a family I cherished. there’s a hole there currently, we’ll see what the year brings? I’m going to die in OS in the spring, I’ve a feeling. I am way scared.

To his surprise, the princess loved indie rock.

I should visit the Netherlands en route to Japan? ha! that makes no sense. yes it does, no it doesn’t. shut up

I sing ‘baby’ you say ‘bump it’ all you wanna hear is Gabriel’s trumpet

Sitting on a rooftop, staring at the night sky, stupid dream…

this isn’t a puzzle. is the fact that it isn’t a puzzle, a puzzle? arghahrfbarhfrwkdjfwbn

stop. thinking. now. listen. to. the. music. good. night. STOP

(sorry about this LJ users) :(


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