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today is a lot different from other Mondays
July 8, 2008, 3:28 am
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Lots of sister-bonding time today. She’s one of the few people selected for an NYU photography summer program (and well deserved IMO) so today was the last day before she heads NYbound. We went to KGB, the meeting wasn’t stellar, let’s say that, which is kind of disappointing considering my sister tagged along and I was hoping to show her the power of the conspiracy of awesome. I’ll avoid internet drama this time, maybe I’ll have a fresh perspective when I get back in the fall.

Anyway, where was I? oh! sister-bonding (no, not like molecules, you crazy chemists). We went to see The Hush Sound at Diesel Lounge. All in all a good time, despite my balance getting thrown off by a blaringly loud speaker next to my right ear. The opening bands were excellent, but this might be my soft spot for opening bands speaking. The openers were: Recession, The Morning Light and The Cab. The Cab incidentally knows how to play guitar just the way I love, oh, and their bassist did the robot while playing, bonus points for that. Other points of note: The Hush Sound played “Back in the U.S.S.R.” after playing this song whose Gloria verse is stuck in my head. Tonight was their first tour night, I hope all goes well for them, it was a very enjoyable show all around. Oh right, they also all traded instrument spots for the encore and played a well covered song originally by Smokey Robinson.

I’m going to sleep now, I’ve got a lazy week ahead of me.


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