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A day and more music
March 24, 2008, 1:34 am
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I had a Saturday, it was ok. Bit disappointing but otherwise ok. Yellow team won at CtFwS, there was a 7 party to much my dismay. I learned that sometimes, being extremely nice to people does not pay off. I also have now learned my lesson about planning events: I shouldn’t do it, THEY WILL END IN UTTER DISASTER. I grow older and I grow wiser I suppose.

I am worried about the week ahead, mostly because of my 212 assignment. Partly because I am unsure on how I did on my last assignment and partly because I suck at ML. I managed to zone out all day (which is definitely not good) and almost received a noise complaint for the nth time (I like my music loud and at 3 am ok?). My head is in an otherwise state of “blergh”. I also just remembered I forgot to eat all day.

More and more days go by and I keep confirming this thing about “it doesn’t pay to be nice”. Somewhere out there, karma is laughing.

Music after the not-so-cut.

Turns out Palms Out Sounds posted some priceless music videos. One of which is the NEW SWEDISH DANCE CRAZE, the other being completely awesome and with LITTLE OR NO INFO OF THE BAND available on the internet and both of which I CAN’T UNDERSTAND. Sometimes I hate Sweden for being so awesome.

Ok, so Sweden is several kinds of awesome. Apart from being the delightful birthplace of the Pirate Party and the Pirate Bay they have suddenly come up with a dance song whose main chorus translates into “Everyone’s who’s not dancing is a rapist”. Thank you Sweden, thank you.

And then we have The Touch and Le Night Dominator

The Touch is from Sweden, this is about all I know.


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