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It’s time for…
February 19, 2008, 3:56 am
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Guess why I like this video. I also realize I haven’t posted music related things in a while. I’m going to try and make this reasonably music related. But first…

Guess why I like this video….GO (post in the comments)

Here’s a hint: it’s my parents fault

One more music thing after the cut…

Niko (DJ friend from high school) had given me some Seeed a while ago. I’m pretty sure the world wasn’t ready for German Reggae/Rap. I doubt it will be for a while.

And I’ve been on a Ratatat kick lately, unfortunately, they have not graced the world with any videos. This makes me sad.


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1. Because you were born
2. Because you had too many Legos
3. Because you love to read
4. Because I danced before you were born
5. Because I have been reading too much
6. ALL and/or NONE of the above!

Comment by M

A) That video is beyond bitchin’
B) Ratatat totally has a video: A Zune commercial :P

Comment by Dominic

At first I thought you said you were on an Rattata kick

Comment by labbott

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