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I feel guilty…
January 2, 2008, 5:47 pm
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so I’m reading William Gibson’s “All Tomorrow’s Parties” and every time I crack the book I can’t help but think: “Remember that cute geeky girl in the Barnes&Noble in MN who told you she enjoyed this book while you were holding it in the checkout line? You totally didn’t buy it just because of that? Right?…RIGHT? Man, you are so sad, you never even asked her name. Why, I should slap you right now for being that stupid but instead you’re probably going to keep reading that book. See? There you go again. Fine, this is your conscious signing out.”

silly AIM conversation about raisins and cake follows:

[me]: I have never appreciated raisins in cake
[me]: it’s like, you’re eating the cake
[me]: and all of a sudden you hit upon this chewy bit
[me]: and the delicious cake that you were eating is ruined
[me]: raisins alone, sure, raisin bread, that’s also a win
[karen]: lol
[me]: but the unexpectedness of raisins in cake…it can spoil a cake
[karen]: haha what about a spice cake
[karen]: where its kind of expected
[me]: hmm?
[me]: maybe
[karen]: lol
[karen]: i want cake
[karen]: even if it has raisin
[me]: I think I might have less of a problem had the raisins been announced
[karen]: lol surprise raisins!


Dammit, I’m turning into that guy who makes macros…Dammit


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