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this is why I <3 mrsandle
December 28, 2007, 1:19 am
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random AIM convo follows:

[mrsandle]: hey
[mrsandle]: x-ray vision
[mrsandle]: its real
[me]: what?! where?
[mrsandle]: its been real for almost 10 years
[mrsandle]: ive known about it for 5
[mrsandle]: but i got excited about it
[mrsandle]: and then forgot about it
[mrsandle]: and noone took me seriously
[me]: XD what? why
[mrsandle]: science my friend, science
[mrsandle]: like if you take a pic of somebody
[mrsandle]: wearing a black dress
[mrsandle]: and the flash is high
[mrsandle]: the light goes through the dress and you see something
[mrsandle]: bnut its not much
[mrsandle]: but….
[mrsandle]: ok wait
[me]: dude, that just means the dress is pretty thin
[mrsandle]: thats one idea.. let me build it up
[mrsandle]: waiiiit!
[me]: XD
[mrsandle]: ok so if you take a reg cam
[mrsandle]: and point a tv remote at it
[mrsandle]: you can see the remote light up, but in real life you can
[mrsandle]: t
[mrsandle]: cus a camera sees all kinds of light, not just human eye light but everything
[mrsandle]: ok
[me]: infrared
[mrsandle]: so 10 years ago sony made a camera
[mrsandle]: that saw at night
[mrsandle]: and it utilized infared
[mrsandle]: which can go through clothing much more than regular light
[mrsandle]: muuuchmore
[mrsandle]: what happened was
[mrsandle]: ppl used it during the daytime- and found out a while later that it was xray vision
[mrsandle]: sony recalled the camera
[mrsandle]: but, you can take a normal camera and remove the filter and add a new filter
[mrsandle]: and see through clothes
[mrsandle]: esp at a beach or with tight clothing
[mrsandle]: but even without it
[mrsandle]: its crraaazy
[mrsandle]: and its soo real
[mrsandle]: it sounds like an email a 13 year old would send
[mrsandle]: but this is true man…
[mrsandle]: its on the internet
[me]: XD
[mrsandle]: im tottally serious
[mrsandle]: check it up
[me]: I’ll have my people look into it
[mrsandle]: ok but if you build the camera at cmu
[mrsandle]: give me a call
[mrsandle]: ill be on the projec ttoo
[me]: we’ll see, gotta get funding and business associates and so forth
[mrsandle]: think of all the money we could make
[me]: we’d be rich beyond our wildest dreams
[mrsandle]: all we need to do is to use that camera to take naked photos of hilary clinton and if she wins the presidential elections wlel be sooo rich
[mrsandle]: well be like Jermaine and Jonas
[me]: think of the stylish jewbeanies we could buy
[mrsandle]: i could buy a new sack to hide all my jew gold
[mrsandle]: my new-jew gold
[me]: now you’re thinking
[mrsandle]: ok so get some of your cs friends to start on the porn site
[mrsandle]: with all the naked xray celeb shots
[me]: hmm, wait, we need people in the paparazzi industry
[mrsandle]: ill work on getting the nude shots for blackmailing politcal people
[mrsandle]: get an ece guy to work on making glasses for sale
[mrsandle]: what about below IR
[mrsandle]: or above?
[me]: hmm, I think there’s some guy that beat us to that
[mrsandle]: WHaaat!?
[me]: yea, totally
[mrsandle]: Jonas and Jermaine???!!!
[me]: they’re using it for the robot things
[me]: that above-below IR shit
[mrsandle]: were unstoppable
[mrsandle]: well just take naked photos of him
[mrsandle]: and have him sell us the idea
[mrsandle]: unless he has a big penis
[me]: hmm, don’t get ahead of yourself, we still need to make this
[mrsandle]: then were screwed
[me]: dammit, you’re right


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