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if you have an irrational fear of furries…
December 27, 2007, 10:27 pm
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don’t click the MOAR tag

(and just to clarify, this is what I mean by furries)

I think the following exchange between myself and Mr. Dagradi sums it up quite well.

[me]: what
[me]: the
[me]: fuck
[me]: my god man
[Sir Dominic]: this gets weirder
[Sir Dominic]: and weirder
[me]: …my god man
[me]: did you see that
[Sir Dominic]: the tongue!
[me]: jellyfish, tits, oranges
[Sir Dominic]: woah
[Sir Dominic]: that i just did
[Sir Dominic]: woah
[me]: naked pandas
[me]: …DOE
[me]: …and string bikini zebras?!
[me]: WTH
[Sir Dominic]: there’s not much about that video that’s okay really
[Sir Dominic]: few things
[Sir Dominic]: have made me wtf harder

oddly enough, I want some Orangina though. Haven’t had that in years, not since phoosh‘s house one time


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Is this something I should wait until I’m not at work to watch?

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