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That’s where it has to happen
October 19, 2007, 5:12 am
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Have you ever stared down Forbes from the corner of it and Morewood at 4:21 in the am? The traffic lights are flashing, the streets are completely deserted and the Cathedral of Learning stands ominously to the side. The storm is brewing, I can hear it a block or two behind me but as it stands it is still a crisp fall evening…in mid October.

This…this is the shot that shall start my movie.

I’m not sure if I’ll even make it, a zombie movie? It’s been done, especially here. It feels like some sort of suspense thriller would be in order but it isn’t me.

River Tam Beats Up Everyone would not be done justice by the setting of Pittsburgh, that movie has to be done right.

So, I have an opening scene, I believe Shawn and Alan would write the movie I would want to shoot. I am seeing a horde of zombies or occultists (maybe both?) and a main character of rather weak moral fiber with a penchant for younger college women. An awkward strong female character of classical beauty and amazing wit who does not hesitate to kick ass while rocking out with awesome headphones on would be good. And finally, and this is a maybe, that cute extremely geeky boy or girl who you cannot help but identify with because he or she has been pushed into fighting for survival.

Reason: Come on, it’s a movie, do I need one? I don’t think I’m trying to make a point about anything. The writers can feel free to embed communist propaganda in this
Rhyme: Maybe, maybe it will have some rhyme.

I’m not sure what music to set this all to. I know it will need some, but this detail has yet to set itself in my head.


Oh, did I mention the entirety of this film should happen before sunrise? And it ends in sleep, sweet, sweet sleep.

Aside: I haven’t been dreaming lately so this is what my active subconscious is suggesting. Feel free to steal this idea if you think you can make a better movie out of it. Hell, I’d be honored if you did, moreso if you relocated it to the stretch of expressway (the Javier Prado) outside of my house in Lima, Peru at some ungodly hour of the am. Now, I’ll fall asleep dreamless. I need to yell my lungs out from the top of some building, it seems like a good idea. Not Wean, there’s a reason why, and I rather not discuss it. 


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Interesting … Ch & two friends have this plan to take photos early Sunday a.m. before Prado has life … but here that will be when all are coming home before the 10 hour national mandate to stay at home during a Census!

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