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Weird, bad weeks seem to haunt this place
October 18, 2007, 2:30 am
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I’m way too tired and should probably go to sleep. Had a Spanish midterm today, it was…an experience? I think my essay could have been much better, but I was too exhausted to research much of anything last night. On the other hand, I think the 211 quiz I took went ok, once again me + encryption/compression = happy and interested.

I was done for the week tonight, the weekend promises puzzle hunt things as well as some coding for 211. Probably getting to the Waterfront too. Need groceries…bad…and cheap sushi :D cheap Geagle sushi. I do realize I just made several people cry out in pain but I have no one to go eat sushi with. Not without being a 2n+1 wheel

I am currently *ahem*acquiring*ahem* Tekkonkinkreet, I’m not sure why I have high hopes, but it is from the same people that did the Animatrix…so…naturally, I’m psyched. Here’s a trailer. Also found a collection of Pixar shorts including the short before Ratatouille titled “Lifted”. Sad alien is sad :(

Pixar shorts are full of awesome. Ah, the ways we escape, what would we do without them?

My stomach has been feeling like a hole, not sure how else to describe it. I’m eating more….regularly, as close as regular can be. I think it may have something to do with aspirin.


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i’ll gladly join you for sushi, once i have money to afford anything decent.

Comment by jciscon

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