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Relaxing was never this hard
October 13, 2007, 3:29 am
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I think it’s that time of the semester where shit begins to pile up and things feel more than a little hectic. Most things happened in the past two weeks, next week I have a Spanish exam/essay which I really should prepare for.

Things other than this…hmm. oh! we’re doing compression in 15-211. IT ARE RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS. Yeah, somehow, somewhere along the way I became interested in compression, encryption and networks. OS has begun to grow on me as well, it’s part de0u and part everyone else being so excited about it. Anyways, my partner for the compression assignment is my suitemate. It’ll be interesting :P

Ridley Scott is making a definitive version of Bladerunner. I’m sorta ticked about that, I loved the ambiguity of the Deckard character. I think the “message” worked both ways. Anyways, I’m not going to spoil more of Bladerunner if you haven’t seen the movie. If you do decide to see it, watch the First Director’s Cut, not this latest version or the first version. Also: LOLbladerunner

One of my friends from high school (Greg Pidcock or Allied Nations) released another mix, I figured I would spread the love. Mix and tracklist here. Yeah, yeah, I know, MySpace…we’ve already had the talk. It’s house/electronic/greg/prog-house/etc. Many of the reasons why I love his mixes aren’t in this. But it’s still a reasonably chill mix, and I needed that tonight.

And finally, for tonight’s entertainment, I have made a rip of KGB the Movie 2: Death and Rebirth. It is available at ~djurado/public/KGB_The_Movie_2_-_Death_and_Rebirth.avi
For outwards bandwidth reasons, please grab this off AFS. It’s not very long and not very big (160.61 MB) but well worth posting. If you are off-campus or off-AFS for some reason and still wish to see it, poke me on IM.
Maybe other people should dig out their copies of KGB movies and pass them to me? Better yet: rip it yourself and post it to AFS! ^_^ There needs to be an archive, here, I’m starting it.
(I also semi-seriously want to help direct/produce KGB the Movie 5: River Tam BEATS UP EVERYONE (tentative title).

Bye for now, I are very sleepy.


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