Sitting at my Ono Sendai

where’s my futon?
October 1, 2007, 1:19 am
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Since when did my room become relationship central for everyone but me? This is getting a little bit annoying. My roommate and his girlfriend, I could cope with that, it was even funny/endearing. But…more couples in my room….wth. And not even like visiting, doing work and doing…couple….stuff.

Last couple of weeks have been suck, Magic Prerelease helped a lot though. Like, you wouldn’t even understand how much. Oh, and where are the Magic: the Gathering fangirls?! Seriously…what the hell, why does everything else get fangirls?


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Lotsa things don’t get fangirls! Like XBox. Xbox has no fangirls, no matter what M$ tells you. And I’m sure there are magic fangirls somewhere…I know lots of artists on DA who do artwork for it that are female.

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