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M:tG Anonymous
September 29, 2007, 9:38 pm
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*stands up*

Hi, I’m Dannel, and I have a problem. I am a M:tG addict….but hear me out.

For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m talking about Magic: the Gathering. Now, I had started to play some time in early middle school (I’m not sure when) and I loved the game. I lived in the tiny town of Ilo for most of middle school, meaning I hardly ever had the chance to play with a lot of different people. Regardless, every time I traveled to Lima I would spend most, if not all of my time playing and improving my deck at the card shop. Every time and event came along (usually a prerelease) I would beg (yes….beg) my parents to let me go, being the excellent student I was, I usually got my way. Hell, by the end of middle school I had hosted 3 separate DCI sanctioned events in Ilo with basically local pros and some friends of mine. We would always lose against the pros but it was still a lot of fun. I guess I was enabler, I helped most of my school start playing Magic. We would play in between classes, during classes, after classes, the only physical fight I’ve ever actually gotten into was over a foil Clone. And yes, very silly thing to do, but fuck it, I wanted my foil.

Then I moved to Lima. A lot of things changed. I still tried to go to as many events as I could, I even met people at my school who played Magic (finally, I wasn’t alone). I remember sophomore year well, I played so much that year. But then came the International Baccalaureate, and, if I was ever going to pass, I needed to not have what I called a “life”. So I stashed away my Magic cards in a dark corner in my closet, on occasion selling a few off, but otherwise…I kept them all.

But I had quit….or I thought I had….

I got to CMU with the whisper of some sort of professionally ranked Magic team. This sounded awesome, but studies took over and I never looked into it.

Sweet, sweet relapse

Well, until this morning :D I’m going to play again, because I need something to do. And I finally know more people that play here. I went to the Lorwyn prerelease this morning, it was amazing. I’ll probably played Sealed Deck for a while. Now, to get my cards back up from Peru.


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