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I am not the pretty prince of parties
September 22, 2007, 4:35 am
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Week was tiring, that video always makes me laugh. MOAR cut goes here.

I don’t remember the start of the week much. I know that I had ECE homework at some point…and…something else? I’m not entirely sure, the week was a blur. I remember Tuesday evening simply because of ody’s rant about GUI design (for my Cocoa StuCo). Oh, and then we went to New Dumpling House for DELISHUS DUMPLINGS with Dom, Carmen, Owen and Conniving Senior Jackso. Many moments of hilarity were had (apparently I have extra credit now for any Blum class :D) including Photoshop, Owen’s British accent, the owner of the establishment and Carmen being Carmen (why hadn’t I met her before? she’s fun).

After this outing we explored some places that don’t exist. Note to self: Places that don’t exist aren’t made for tall people. Much fun, I forget what I did for the rest of Tuesday night, I think it involved helping people with Perl.

The rest of the week, not so fun. Between the dreaded Matrix homework, 2 Tech Comm writing assignments, a Spanish paper (w/ a passively angry Spanish teacher), and ECE lab, I’m still not sure how I survived the second part of the week (NOT DEAD YET).

Oh, there was a bit about Monday which was personally excellent. Alan had come in to the KGB meeting towards the end. During schmucks I think he announced that he had survived the plague or something like that (there’s this plague going around, it’s not really a plague, but hell, plague sounds so much more dramatic). I had instantly thought of asking if he had to regenerate but there was a quick motion to purple and I didn’t get the chance. Instead, I went up to Alan and asked “So…did you have to regenerate?”. His eyes widened in glee and he exclaimed “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THIS MAN GETS IT!”. It wasn’t such a big deal, would have been cooler if it happened in the meeting and if Cass was there (she would have gotten it), but hey, can’t count on everything. I think I may have gained just a bit of respect from the head of the time traveling committee (and a man who would be the BEST American Doctor Who IMHO). ^_^ I smiled and left thataway ->. Oh, and if you don’t get it, it’s fine, you just need to watch more Doctor Who.

Is it bad that I think my roommate should clean up his side of the room? There’s an accumulating pile of clothes, A GIANT MESS of cables and unstored food items about. I don’t want to be an ass, he’s great (even if  I’m beginning to think he plays Battlefield WAY TOO MUCH, that game isn’t even that great) but part of my parental and personal conditioning has yielded in a desire for semi-cleanliness. I miss my old roommate, he had some serious class. Meh, whining and complaining solves nothing. I think the room would look a lot neater with a futon in it (plans fell through) @_@ they’re sooo expensive. *sigh* looks like it’s time for a trek to the Waterfront Target to see what they’ve got.

I wish I could go to the XKCD Boston meetup. I hope everyone has fun, a giant meeting of incredibly geeky proportions sounds amazing.

Went to ABTech call and strikes today. Didn’t do much at the first, helped out more for the Late Nite event. I’ve also learned how to counter-coil (I think!). I think I’ll probably show up more for calls and strikes than the actual shows. *shrug* I like doing tech, I haven’t done so for a while. There is also no way I’ll ever remember which microphone goes to what instrument/use *is totally not going to make a cheat sheet* >_>.

Ok, it’s time to pass out. I’m tired enough that this is the right term. *points at ttyp1* THAT’S NOT THE RIGHT TERM, THAT’S A TERM! o_o yes, going insane. I’m not even going to discuss the reasons.


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