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September 17, 2007, 3:32 am
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So, I reinstalled my computer over the weekend (his name is Da5id, in case you were wondering) *cough*ravenfamiliar*cough*. I mean, totally ungeeky things happen to my computer, I also TOTALLY DON’T have hard drives named ‘Alexis’, ‘Hiro’ and ‘Megaera’. Nope, none of that happens here.

Aaaanyways, I had forgotten how zippy a fresh install can be, it’s nice…but too barren. Installed iLife ’08, iWork ’08 and part of the CS3 set of programs. All very new, very nice and shiny looking, and most of them I haven’t had a chance to work with yet (but I will!).  There seems to be a dark tendency towards program interfaces now, I’m not sure why it’s happening just now, but it is. And ‘m loving it.

I’m not even sure what to call these new interface guidelines that seem to be cropping up everywhere. Someone just decided “That dark interface and bezel looks fucking hot” and they went with it. They are also using “flatter” interfaces. I don’t know exactly how to describe it, but unlike the Cocoa / Carbon things, they don’t feel chubby, most likely something about sharper edges, better rounded corners and two-tone buttons (see iWork apps).

Oh, and Numbers….wow….seriously….WOW. I had heard of it at launch (and being the mac geek that I am, before launch as well) but I hadn’t chalked it up to much. In fact, the entire iWork suite of apps is very nice and unbloated. I’ll even dare say I’m not installing Microsoft Office on this computer ever again, even if it does look very nice and redefined. I think the iWork suite has even captured OLE like behavior well. Have they retaken the office environment? Unfortunately not, that’s a battle long won by Microsoft Office, but hell, they’ve got me convinced. And if I need to edit Word documents without turning them into Pages files, there’s always Bean.

The new iLife looks rather hot as well (Mac apps are rated on sexiness and functionality :). While I can see a lot of people frustrated with the new iMovie layout/interface, I can see why they made the changes they did. This lets a monkey make a home video in seconds….A MONKEY. Oh the simplicity of it all is astounding, and those of you out there have to admit: iMovie was turning into a Final Cut Pro Elements Express.
iPhoto (the app I keep the most? data on) has done something really nice where not only is it SPEEDIER, but also keeps track of “Events”. Very slick. iTunes still looks horrible (foobar2k or AmaroK for Mac? PLEASE?).

Spent a good part of today reinstalling UNIX utils and so forth, customizing my perl install (a few modules left to go), installing *TeX (damn the fools who encourage other to not write TeX), and installing Starcraft.

Other Mac things I’ve installed:
Firefox + Thunderbird
Delicious Library – not to be confused with delicious cake or the delicious generation
Of course there’s more, but w/e I seem to use those more frequently.

Also, FUTON TUESDAYS. that is all


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man, i gotta reformat dailmore (my mbp). it’s full of sad, and sending it out to get its parts worked on didn’t help much.

you should run virtuedesktops as well. and textmate. has a fuckton of fun free apps. oh god armagetron.

Comment by hvincent

Oh, there’s a shitton more apps I’ve installed. And TextMate, well, I have a license for that, and could not live without it

Comment by DeMarko

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