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Things to buy this weekend
September 14, 2007, 3:59 am
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  • a futon, something nice, preferably largish and comfy. Stain proof?
  • bowls? not bowels…bowls! for microwaving things in! >_>
  • I want to solder random shit together after my first ECE lab. I had soldered before, I just never remembered I had apparently, hooray for muscle memory!
  • Iced tea? Seems like a decent alternative to soda/pop/carbonate beverages, must cut down on the soda/pop/carbonate beverages
  • Lab notebook (oops, forgot)
  • Duct tape
  • Gaff Tape
  • Tape Tape

Things to do this weekend

  • finish rewriting zmap files? finally? please oh please oh please
  • get a job? (I’m a lazy slacker)
  • laundry! (awful huge pile in that yonder corner)
  • sleep! (the time is now)

And finally, found out who….ZZZzzzzz


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my roommate and i might have a futon to offer you.

Comment by vincent

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