Sitting at my Ono Sendai

Because cmu-bash is down
September 13, 2007, 12:53 am
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and this is worth saving

[12:39am] <DeMarko> this hot chick wearing a pink shirt peered into my door, waved hi and ran off
[12:39am] <DeMarko> I chased her down the hall, but alas, she was gone
[12:39am] <munin> it was an illusion
[12:39am] <ferrum> why did you give up the chase? she couldn’t have gone far.
[12:39am] <DeMarko> I went down two floors chasing
[12:40am] <TheBaron> that’s sad
[12:40am] <DeMarko> but alas, pointer to hot chick was null -_-
[12:40am] <TheBaron> that’s exactly why you didn’t find her
[12:40am] <DeMarko> XD
[12:41am] <ferrum> you should set up an overhanging net in your hallway.
[12:42am] <munin> i agree with that
[12:42am] <jbauman> won’t she notice?
[12:42am] <munin> conversation starter
[12:42am] <jbauman> “what’s that net doing up there?” “watch and learn”
[12:42am] <DeMarko> :D these are great ideas
[12:45am] <jbauman> DeMarko, use these great ideas, and some day there will be a tv special or movie about you


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