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>_> wth people, wth
September 12, 2007, 2:57 am
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Becoming increasingly annoyed with one certain giant asshole (if you know me, then you should know who I think the biggest asshole in my CS class is). Seriously, STFU man, you’re not funny. Shpxva Onyyneq. But, I’m a polite person, my parents may or may not have raised me that way, I’ll just ignore his assholish comments.

Other less angry things after MOAR tag (LJ users know the drill I guess)

Classes….go. Homework, *shrug* I feel old for being in my ECE class, so old. A kid in recitation asked what a turntable was, several other kids raised their hands asking the same thing. :( *wants to crawl into the corner of that class and die*

Had a near-religious experience on Monday when I skipped Matrix to watch “Buena Vista Social Club”. OMFG that movie is amazing, not because of any stylistic merits (although it was definitely not lacking) but because of the amazing story and music contained within. I felt so proud to be latino, so full of music for just having watched it. That’s as close as religion is getting to me, music. I have often believed that had I gone to a Gospel church while growing up, I wouldn’t have disregarded religion as quickly had it been for beautiful music. Roman Catholic sermons can even put God to sleep (if he exists of course).

Roommate…issues? Not exactly, he’s great, but sometimes, oh sometimes, I’d wish he’d believe in something called….a wastebasket? Also, it gets sorta annoying having a roommate with a girlfriend, not because of the girlfriend, but mostly because of: a) couples who are friends and must visit, b) the constant…presence, especially when they sleep here every night. They say it’s because her room has another couple in it…so…who ends up losing? Hmmm…One couple displaces the other….other finds refuge here possibly displacing the single guy. I should sleep elsewhere, right now I can only think of sleeping in the cluster. But I’m not gonna start that. Not yet.

*looks in corner* I should do laundry.

Written while watching Buena Vista Social Club

eramos los de hace tanto tiempo
con música en la venas,
canción en mi corazón,
lágrimas de mi Cuba
mucho antes del cincuentaynueve
con guajira en los labios
y son en las manos
adonde hemos ido?
los de hace tanto tiempo

Sorry for all the recent Spanish poetry, I know most of the people that read this have no clue what’s goin’ on. -_- I’m currently not inspired to write poetry in English, don’t ask why. I don’t even know.


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