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I’m acquiring caffeine implements too quickly
September 9, 2007, 5:00 am
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Friday/Saturday was full of win, Saturday proper less so, but still relaxing. I am continually proving (more like finding evidence) a fact about me: I KNOW TOO MANY PEOPLE.

This has happened on many occasions, but is interestingly enough a particular property of my kind of social interactions. I am not cliquey and have usually been able to move through large numbers of subgroups of the people around me without losing a beat.

Anyways, Friday was the Underground Tour, I helped less than I thought I would, but this was mostly because I would have been rather noticeable and slow on the top of several buildings. I did chair down Baker, after all, I am the president of the CMU Chairing Club >_>. There are videos of the tour, I’m not posting a link to them because it’s something to be experienced, the videos are there just so people who have been on the tour can remember what happened. Shawn, Alan, [All of EXEC, your mighty overlords, sans cowardly sleeping jackson], and everyone else who is a wonderful, awesome member of the KGB. I do take responsibility for at least a third of the people that attended, it turns out, the above fact, is useful for drawing people to things.

I am rather pissed/disappointed/miffed that some people didn’t make it, including a certain roommate of mine and his girlfriend, who the hell knows what they were doing. Apparently it was far better than the Underground Tour (which is clearly impossible). Theresa and Cass couldn’t come, Theresa was…somewhere else…and Cass was sick T_T. They have also been rather silly in the past two weeks, I don’t expect the silliness to stop, I do expect it to become more public ^_^. Natalya, well…I’m not even gonna say, I wasn’t counting on her coming in the first place, it would have been A NICE GESTURE, if she had.

Rather proud of the freshmans though, I think 80% of my floor went, along with Jason, my awesome suitemate (he is not a freshman).  I spotted many #cslounge and CS freshmans there, along with others. Ballast (~= s/st/rd/) is a complete ASS, that much will be observed, especially rudely interrupting one of Shawn’s great stories.

A Saturday happened, I slept through most of it, we finally have a refrigerator and microwave, I guess it means I’m ponying up the money for teh futon of awesum (it shall have a giant sign saying: NO SEX ON THE FUTON). Sometime around midnights I decided to walk around in the steam shower Squill is currently with huginnz (queen of the internet) and Elly. Lots of fun was had, I’m jealous because they’re in OS (I have a problem, I know this), Fudgesicles were also had and then handed off to some rather wasted/drunk friends of mine. Found out the Squill Geagle sells Jolt Mints (See Topic). Went back to huginnz’ haüs and played some Smash Bros.

Am…ready…to….crash…now. My kernel will have a place where you can’t interrupt, if you try to, it will say, “We can’t stop here! This is bat country!”

bad bad jokes will be in my kernel, watch out.


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