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Several things, all sorts of weird
September 6, 2007, 3:11 am
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who knew I’d love my Spanish class? Man, was not expecting that one. Wrote this in a literal minute after hearing some long overdue salsa.

La sangre latina
que dormia en mis venas
quema otra vez
despertando mis oidos
una vez mas, al escuchar la salsa
debo admitir, nunca la pude bailar
pero el simple hecho de ser latino
me hace mover las manos y los pies,
y empiezo a tararear despues de tantos años:
“No hay que llorar, que la vida es un carnaval”
y las penas las voy cantando…

Also,  interesting and rather odd series of coincidences lately. Since I’m not directly on LiveJournal (and don’t know Dan), I can make vague posts. In any case, the coincidences spell nothing for me, I just find them both interesting and amazingly odd.

Activities fair was fun, I walked around, signed up for a couple dlists that had expired. I also got a lei and a hat from the KGB (<3 you all). The sad part was, I walked around saying “Go see the KGB booth, they got me lei’d”, and this one girl stared at me in disgust and said, “Really?”. I mean, thank you for the vote of confidence, bitch.

I should really write this assignment, procrasticat is procrastinating!

video of some music similar to what we’re listening in class after the cut


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