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They’re a good bunch
September 2, 2007, 3:24 am
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the freshmen this year seem to be a “good bunch”. This seems to be a semi-general consensus of many of those in the know. ^_^ soooo many showed up to the cclub movie night and a certain event, that was awesome.

Other than this, the first week has been pretty good, considering I don’t have rather tough classes this semester, so…that’s nice. My technical writing teacher is all sorts of incredible AWESOME. He’s just one of those old guys who are soo old that they’re instantly awesome.

Only CS course for me this semester is 15-211 (Fundamental Data Structures and Algorithms). I don’t know what to feel towards this course, the material is…slightly interesting? It seems very intuitive (it probably isn’t) and part of me feels like I should have taken this a while ago, but, I have yet to see. On the other hand however, our lecturer so far (Bill Scherlis) needs a black turtleneck sweater. He was spewing Jobs-isms left and right during the last lecture, Cass and I almost expected him to say things like, “We’re very proud of this one” (he paraphrased it) and “We have this algorithm in stores by the end of this presentation”. Granted, the lecture was about the union-find algorithm, but still. Oh, and I should point out a certain ass who made a certain website. That is all about that.

Spanish class is increasingly interesting, the teacher is far too cool, and I feel really young surrounded by mostly juniors and seniors. mumble mumble mumble.

Matrix Algebra will put me to sleep more times than I will be able to attend (it makes sense, sorta)

slightly angsty contemplation follows I suppose

Coming back this semester presented an odd…situation. I am no longer with a core group of friends, they all live more or less around me, but I find myself moving away from most of those friends I made last semester. Sure, strands remain…but I had just seen a post on a course website from a friend who would normally have come to me with that question. I’m not sure it’s entirely me the one that’s moving apart somehow. Then again, I did manage to scare people away with pure geekiness….it may sound weird, but it’s true, and I felt bad and not bad about it at the same time. Something happened to me over the summer, part of it had to be my UNIX and C course. Several people have pointed out that it’s great that I love these things, but they never completely finish the thought. I don’t have a clue what to make of it

I should also hide/obfuscate some code in certain folders on my andrew account, given that I have no idea who it’s for or when I’ll ever use it but I do need to access other things in those folders on occasion.

Roommate situation is….messy? that’s the best word to describe it. Literally messy, thankfully his girlfriend kinda cleans up for him. I miss my old roommate -_-. They’re sleeping in her room this weekend. Should get a futon tomorrow, that’ll help the overall appearance of the room I suppose.

There are probably more thoughts, but given the current lack of comfort atm, I’m gonna keep them in for now.


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