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August 28, 2007, 10:50 pm
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classes started yesterday I think. PAX was so much fun (if not evidenced by the pictures). Definitely going back, bringing more people with me next time, including Cass, definitely kidnapping her to PAX, because she must go.

I can’t complain about my teachers yet. Sullivan seems cool, Gomez is some sort of awesome Latino hippie from the late 70s and Keating…well…”I’m OLD!!” but oh-so-awesome. I’m worried about being the only native speaker in my Spanish class, I’m not sure why though. Also, Flaherty is a T-Rex, I’ll snap a picture when possible.

It’s good to see people again, I’ll probably end up in the cluster much more this semester, nevermind why about that. West Wing cluster is going to be cooooomfyyy. I like the new cluster chairs they’re putting in.

Some PAX pictures are here, I’m working on posting more now that I got myself a Flickr Pro account (travel expense!).

Flight of the Conchords just had a moment of Peruvian music, which means, me and two other people in Jersey got that.


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peruvian music?
when did that happen ?

Comment by ernieji

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