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Oh and in case you hadn’t heard…
August 16, 2007, 2:57 am
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there was a relatively strong earthquake today in Peru (where I am right now). Happened right before 7 pm EST (no DST) as I was rummaging about, getting ready to go out. The earthquake measured between a 7.5 and a 7.9 on the Richter scale. I suppose it was a 7 on the Mercalli intensity scale as well.

More newsy information here.

I’m fine, my family is fine, everyone I know here is fine. Of course, as a result, the telephone networks were overloaded for 3-4 hours making any outward communication impossible. My dad called (he lives further south, in Ilo) saying he was alright and hadn’t felt the earthquake down that way. I wasn’t entirely surprised about the phone networks going down, it always happens. The president gave an address detailing how communication is important and how he’s taking steps to avoid such a communication breakdown again.

Luckily for me, the internet hadn’t gone out so I was still able to tell some people. I even burst into #cslounge. What had me worried was that my sister wasn’t at home with us, so, hours of worrying later (it may have been much less true-time), I got an IM on my sister’s computer from the Angie. Chaska had visited her to give a going away present. Thankfully, the taxi she had called hadn’t gotten there yet. It would have been CHAOS if she had been on the road between here and Angie’s house. The road was completely bogged down with traffic. She returned around 9:30ish I think. So it’s all good, and we’re safe and I’m staying awake until at least 4 am just in case there’s an aftershock and I have to wake up my mom and sister.

In case you didn’t know, I’m an earthquake veteran, having been in another big one and many minor ones. The tectonic plates around here aren’t the friendliest of plates. I’m used to it. I just found there are some links to video’s and pictures and such of damage. Note: all WELL BUILT structures in Peru are fine. There are building codes for a reason, I think the most damage our house sustained was a hairline crack in one of the bathroom ceilings. I’m pretty sure I can say the same about most finished homes.

Anyways, I’m good and I’ll be back at CMU soon. -_- I just realized I didn’t get to go out tonight….damn…

Up_0: For some reason my blog got an unusual amount of traffic yesterday. And several old posts too. It’s very confusing, are people actually reading this? o_O


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i’ve kind of always wanted to experience an earthquake. large forces of nature are rather appealing to me. i used to live out in the middle of iowa, and watching the sky turn a sickening color of green before little funnel clouds start hovering along the horizon was quite amazing.

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