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I’m trying to make up my mind
August 16, 2007, 2:35 am
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about what to think of the last two movies I watched. (cut because it might run long)

The first was “I Think I Love My Wife” written, produced, directed and acted in by Chris Rock. Those of you familiar with Chris Rock’s work will find it strongly reminiscent of his comedic style, after all, he did write it. But something in it was wrong…at first I thought the movie suffered from a horrible lack of pace (in the way that Poolhall Junkies does, a bit more on this later). But it wasn’t the pace that was off, it was the energy. I can’t describe this properly, it just seems off. It bothered me, because I love Chris Rock’s comedy. Watching him tone himself down for most of the movie was weird. There were some very good Chris Rock moments, for example:
Richard Cooper: Chicken again? I’m losin’ my finger-lickin’ mind over here!
moves to leave]
Brenda Cooper: Where you goin’?
Richard Cooper: To get some duck!

Oh, the one bit I wanted to say about Poolhall Junkies is that it’s possibly the best, poorly edited movie ever. Christopher Walken and Mars Callahan have the BEST chemistry in a male duo EVER. I mean…EVER. But whoever it is wound up editing the clips of the movie screwed up the pacing COMPLETELY. It made me very mad, here’s a great movie with good actors and it’s slaughtered by poor editing. SLAUGHTERED, I don’t think I could pick a better word. Oh, and it’s about pool hustlers, which makes at all the more potentially cooler. I apologize for my emphatic capitalization ^_^U.

The other movie I saw was called Sunshine. I had never seen it coming, but then again, I wasn’t looking. The link should tell you more about it. I personally don’t know what to take away from the movie if anything. I know there’s a utilitarian agenda somewhere in between the personal squabbling and drama but the bit that left me interested is the constant staring at the sun.

I guess some clarification is in order. At the beginning the psych officer and physician, Searle remarks about light immersion. Somewhat similar to an isolation tank (sensory deprivation), which, for some you that are comic book oriented, may recognize as Daredevil‘s habitual sleeping location. Except, light immersion is, I suppose, much of the opposite. Overload a sense, or as Searle said, “become light”. It sounds particularly interesting, but then again, we’d have to travel to the sun. Something which, unless it’s burning out, I probably will not do. VERY interesting movie, especially the depiction of Sidney, Australia with an ocean that’s frozen over in 2057 is almost as scary as an empty London (as seen in 28 Days Later). Both of these frightening views share a same actor, Cillian Murphy. He is neither excellent or horrible, he just is. It’s very weird.

And finally, someone linked me to this early OK Go video which I hadn’t seen.

Up_0: Oh, and the next movie I’m downloading watching is Cashback. Yay for unknown movies!


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