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August 14, 2007, 10:20 pm
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I wrote a color testing thing. Why? I was bored….lay off. Also, I was just curious how I would write something like the thing they had here (toward the middle of the page).

Also tried this:
% whatis man
man: nothing appropriate

Indeed shell….indeed. :D

That of course resulted in this, which gave me lulz for a few minutes (because I am a silly person).
20:55:08 <DeMarko> XD
20:55:13 <DeMarko> % whatis man
20:55:13 <DeMarko> man: nothing appropriate
20:57:55 <ferrum> a miserable pile of secrets
20:59:35 <TheBaron> what can change the nature of a man
21:00:15 <ferrum> chman?

Ah bad UNIX jokes, I thrive on thee. ^_^

Can someone please tell me what kind of porn involves typing a ∑ (sigma) into the URL bar? For those of you who don’t know Option+W on a Mac writes a ∑ (sigma)


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